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6', 8' and 10' tall ice cream cones. Umm, Yummy! Raspberry, Chocolate and French Vanilla Ice Cream colors.

6', 8' and 10; tall with malted milk overflow.




Welcome to your source for Look-a-Like lawn lighthouses, capturing the beauty and appearance of your favorite lighthouse. Many models, many sizes, weatherized construction. Unlike our competitors, we make no claims of being the best ... we simply ask that you decide. Please feel free to request photos or more information!


Height = 26"
Platform = 22" diameter
Acrylic Globe = 13.5" diameter
Three RPM

Click here to see a larger image of our custom-built top...
Mailbox lighthouse, 47-inches tall, top to bottom, solar light, click here for larger picture... 7-foot Cape Hatteras, solar light with remote solar panel, click here for larger picture... Marble Head lighthouse, used to cover objects such as pipes, stumps, etc., click here for larger picture...

Sports Fan Lighthouses

Official Team Colors of the NFL – NCAA – MLB – NBA – NHL – NASCAR
Designed and Built for Long Life … PVC and Aluminum … NO ROT or DECAY!!!

Base Unit:
Team Colors with Globe Only - 48" Tall
$695.00 ea. plus Packaging/Shipping (if applicable)

Options (Call for Price):
Steady Light, Team Songs, Flashing Light, Helmut Tops, Rotating Light, Flag and Pole, Stickers

Click here for a flyer and more information...

• Jaws
• Fog Horn
• Ship Horn
• Ocean Waves

• Any Recorded Message
• Any Recorded Song (portion thereof)
• Train Whistles and Horns

• Volume Control - Yes!
• Live Voice - Yes! (optional)

• Sound Activation (two modes of operation)
    1. The Presence of Passersby Automatically start the Sound
    2. Pressing a Push Button (located anywhere)
NEW! FOG HORN LAWN LIGHTHOUSES! Greet passers-by with a long-duration, deep-throated fog horn sound, or with a recorded message or even an ever-popular sound of a passing train. Whatever the sound, it is automatically triggered by a motion detector or, alternatively, by the push of a button located either on a nearby stand or by the owner with a remote control "clicker". Great fun, and for a store owner, a great attraction at the entry to your business. Sound systems are weather-resistant and can be located inside the lawn lighthouse. Use either 120-volt household electrical power or rechargeable batteries. The sound system uses either 20- or 30- or 40- watt speakers which can be heard 2000-ft away! You set the sound volume level to suit your location. Call for more information and current pricing (804-824-8859).

ENTREPRENEURS - Wholesale License Available! Applies to (discounted) lawn lighthouses, bell buoys, large ship anchors and Civil War Cannon replicas. Other lawn ornaments under development. Please call 804-824-8859 for information.

LIGHTHOUSE SOLAR TOPS - Two extra bright LED bulbs power this authentic appearing lighthouse top. The 6" diameter acrylic globe fills entirely with white light due to the reflective technology exclusively employed in this unit. Overall height is approximately 10". The platform diameter is also 10". The rooftop solar panel charges two batteries during daylight. At night the unit turns on automatically and turns off at sunrise. The roof is stainless steel. The other components are durable plastic. Five units are in stock and each sells for $130.00. The electronics in each unit cost $45.00.
Click here for a larger image!
Contact us at
(804) 824-8859
Hide-A-Pipe Lawn Lighthouses

Hide ugly pipes in your yard with a lawn lighthouse. Model shown is 4' tall and has a 12" opening at the bottom. An 8' tall, 3-piece model conceals objects as large as 36" in diameter and 42" tall.

All models are finished with a white masonry surface. Round and octagonal (8 sides) shapes are available.

<-- Click the picture on the left to see a larger photograph.
Click here for a larger image... Contact us at
(804) 824-8859
Lighthouse Mailbox with Solar Light

Mailbox receptacle is 42" above ground. A commonly available stepping stone supports the system. Introductory price is $325.00. For mounting information, click here.

<-- Click the picture on the left to see a larger photograph.
NOTICE: Effective immediately, the Solar Light option will be standard equipment. Simply specify either (a) 120V household current light, or (b) solar light.
NEW! For Your Garden - Lawn Lighthouse with spray nozzle, emitting an umbrella of mist. Connect a water hose to the bottom of the Lighthouse and watch the spray rise above the lighthouse. Dazzling spotlight effects at night. Adjustable spray nozzle is located at the roof apex. Uses a water valve automatic timing device.
Wire mesh lighthouse bodies (towers), built to your statement of top diameter, bottom diameter and height. Attach (cement) small rocks to the steel mesh for a stone lighthouse.
Blue striped here for a larger picture...
Special Colors don't upset us

The following lighthouses are among our best sellers:

    NC Lighthouses
  • Cape Hatteras, NC     (Black and white spiral stripes)
  • Cape Lookout, NC      (Black and white diamonds)
  • Bodie Island, NC        (Black and white horizontal bands)
  • Ocracoke Island, NC  (Plain white body)
  • Corolla, NC               (Plain terra-cotta body)
    VA Lighthouses
  • Assateague Island, VA     (Red and White horizontal bands)
  • New Point Comfort, VA   (Plain white octagon body)
  • Old Point Comfort, VA    (Plain white octagon body)
  • Cape Henry, VA             (Octagon body with black and white rectangles)

Please make sure you visit our other pages:

  • Photo Gallery - a selection of our work.
  • Construction - discusses construction materials, component by component.
  • Options - popular options for your lighthouse.
  • More Options - wall mount models, lighthouse mailboxes and a referral to other yard ornaments.
  • Prices - all of our prices for products, size information and shipping.
  • Request More Info - a form for you to fill out so we can better assist you!
  • About Us - learn more about what we offer, such as Civil War Cannon reproductions, Large Ship Anchors and Bell Buoys; and where we are located.


Click here for a larger image of our carriage... Click here for a larger image of our carriage...
Click here for a larger image of our carriage... Click here for a larger image of our carriage...
Click here for a larger image of our carriage...
3/4-size No. 1 carriage in a custom color.

Learn more about our work on Civil War Cannons and carriages by visiting


You pick the beacon! Choose from a Blinking light, a Revolving light, a light which rises-an-falls in intensity, or a solar powered steady burn light.

Click here for a larger picture of the solar roof with enhanced light output...
Solar Roof with enhanced light output

We also offer options to broadcast personal messages or sounds from your lighthouse.

In addition, you can add a lighted 911 address bar or order a lighthouse mailbox - these are just a few of the selections you have when you shop with us!

Artist Corner

Click here for more information on the picture below... Artist Corner, solid stone lighthouse by Donna Cooper...