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About Us

Your source for Look-a-Like lawn lighthouses:

Yard Ornaments Company

We're located at
7502 Creeks End Road, Gloucester, VA 23061
Phone - (804) 824-8859
E-Mail Us Here

Our product line: Lawn Lighthouses, Civil War Cannon Reproductions including full size models, large ships anchors and bell buoys.


You pick the beacon! Choose from a Blinking light, a Revolving light, a light which rises-an-falls in intensity, or a solar powered steady burn light.

Click here for a larger picture of the solar roof with enhanced light output...
Solar Roof with enhanced light output

We also offer options to broadcast personal messages or sounds from your lighthouse.

In addition, you can add a lighted 911 address bar or order a lighthouse mailbox - these are just a few of the selections you have when you shop with us!