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Construction and Electrical Power

The body is made of aluminum sheet-metal formed in the shape of a round or eight-sided truncated (shortened) cone. Bodies with a pattern (stripes, diamonds and bands) have a smooth painted finish. Eight-sided bodies have a simulated rough stucco finish.

Up top, the globe is either a round glass cylinder or a clear plastic cylinder with eight or more rectangular or triangular faces (panes).

The metal roof lifts-off for easy access to the bulb.

Eight-sided bodies have windows of two possible styles. They are located on two opposite sides of the body and are composed of either opaque or (optionally) transparent windows passing light from inside the body.

Tall pedestal-type bases such as the Cape Hatters base are constructed of plastic. Other bases are made of wood, sealed with a rubber coating. Screw holes for attachment to earth are provided.

Electrical Power

120-volt household power is required to power (1) a blinking beacon (2) a revolving beacon and (3) a beacon whose light intensity rises and falls. Models with internally illuminated windows in the lighthouse body also require household power. The wire provided with the lighthouse is for outdoor use and can be buried. The plug on the wire, however, requires protection from weather and water and should not be left on the ground or in anyway be subjected to rain water or pooling of water.

The solar powered beacon runs on a battery and no wires are required. The battery is recharged automatically by the sun through a solar panel built into the roof. This is a desirable option since no wires are required.

Mounting - Lighthouse Mailbox

For attachment to earth: Attach mailbox to ground by fastening it to a concrete stepping stone, 16" x 16" x 2", weighing 34 lbs. A masonry drill bit will be shipped with each mailbox. Four holes are drilled by the customer to match the projecting hold down brackets at the bottom of the mailbox. Stepping stones are available at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. Additional stepping stones can be attached to the top one (use outdoor construction adhesive) to increase the weight. Three stepping stones require about a 6" deep hole if the top stone is to be flush with the ground surface. This would provide more than 140 lbs. overall weight.



You pick the beacon! Choose from a Blinking light, a Revolving light, a light which rises-an-falls in intensity, or a solar powered steady burn light.

Click here for a larger picture of the solar roof with enhanced light output...
Solar Roof with enhanced light output

We also offer options to broadcast personal messages or sounds from your lighthouse.

In addition, you can add a lighted 911 address bar or order a lighthouse mailbox - these are just a few of the selections you have when you shop with us!