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We also offer other items to complete you lighthouse decorating needs. Below are a couple of the items you will want to consider!

Solid Stone lighthouses by Donna Cooper - click here for a larger picture...Artists Corner

Artist: Donna Cooper
Telephone: 804-758-4101
Subject: Solid Stone lighthouse with marble, crystal and brass
Size range: 5' - 8'
Note: Takes one-to-two months to build


Hide-A-Pipe Lawn Lighthouses are also available...

Hide-A-Pipe Lawn Lighthouses

Hide ugly pipes in your yard with a lawn lighthouse. Model shown is 4' tall and has a 12" opening at the bottom. An 8' tall, 3-piece model conceals objects as large as 36" in diameter and 42" tall.

All models are finished with a white masonry surface. Round and octagonal (8 sides) shapes are available.

Lighthouse mailboxes - click here for a larger image!

Lighthouse Mailbox

A rural style mailbox, satisfying USPS requirements, is positioned at the top of the lighthouse body. Two options apply. One has a lens room fitted to the top of the box and contains a solar powered bulb (LED). The other option deletes the lens room and its bulb. A popular "Patriotic" version uses red, white and blue spiral stripes on the lighthouse body. For mounting information, click here.

Wall Mount Models

Wall mount models are especially attractive for business entrances and interior wall decorations. They are built by constructing 'half-models" and attaching the half-model to a thick wall plaque. They can be out-fitted with a blinking light and illuminated body windows.

Other Items

Along with our Lighthouses, we also offer the following products:


You pick the beacon! Choose from a Blinking light, a Revolving light, a light which rises-an-falls in intensity, or a solar powered steady burn light.

Click here for a larger picture of the solar roof with enhanced light output...
Solar Roof with enhanced light output

We also offer options to broadcast personal messages or sounds from your lighthouse.

In addition, you can add a lighted 911 address bar or order a lighthouse mailbox - these are just a few of the selections you have when you shop with us!