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Size Ranges

The smallest size lighthouse stands 4 ft. The largest size stands 10 ft. Size increases from 4 ft. in one-foot increments. This size range applies to all lighthouse models. For more information and pricing for various sizes, click here.

Lighted Beacon

Example of a lighthouse top placed on a customer's structure - click here for a larger image...Here you have some choices:

  1. Blinking light
  2. Revolving light
  3. Light which rises-and-falls
  4. Solar powered steady-burn light

Blinking Light: The bulb blinks about 40 times a minute.

Revolving Light: An electric motor revolves a metal cylinder (can with a closed top) with two light-emitting holes about a fixed light bulb. The cylinder revolves, not the light bulb. The light which escapes forms a moving horizontal beam much like the real thing.

Revolving Light: An electric motor revolves a small horizontally-pointed spot light just like the real thing.

Light With Intensity Which Rises And Falls: The light intensity quickly rises and then slowly falls. The action repeats every five seconds.

Solar Roof: A solar panel located in the roof recharges a AA size nickel-cadmium battery which powers a bright white LED bulb. All of these items (panel, battery and LED) are contained within the lift-off roof. NO WIRES are involved. The lighthouse therefore can be placed anywhere such as in the center of a fish pond or on a tethered float or at a remote location. Two extra bright LED bulbs power this authentic appearing lighthouse top. The 6" diameter acrylic globe fills entirely with white light due to the reflective technology exclusively employed in this unit. Overall height is approximately 10". The platform diameter is also 10". The rooftop solar panel charges two batteries during daylight. At night the unit turns on automatically and turns off at sunrise. The roof is stainless steel. The other components are durable plastic. Five units are in stock and each sells for $130.00. The electronics in each unit cost $45.00.

Motion Activated Recorded Sound

A sound broadcasting electronic device is housed inside the lighthouse body. It broadcasts sound when motion is detected. A foghorn sound can be provided or you can record a personal greeting by speaking directly into the device.

Illuminated 911 Address

2" tall numerals are back-lighted. The numerals lie on a vertical line and are contained within an oblong plastic box molded into the side of the lighthouse body.


You pick the beacon! Choose from a Blinking light, a Revolving light, a light which rises-an-falls in intensity, or a solar powered steady burn light.

Click here for a larger picture of the solar roof with enhanced light output...
Solar Roof with enhanced light output

We also offer options to broadcast personal messages or sounds from your lighthouse.

In addition, you can add a lighted 911 address bar or order a lighthouse mailbox - these are just a few of the selections you have when you shop with us!